Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive resource center to Help communities Organize after and Prepare for Emergencies (HOPE).

Welcome to the Joplin Hope Disaster Center prototype site. Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive database of tornado-related materials that can be used by communities and researchers. The May 22, 2011 tornado that destroyed one-third of our community has left a wealth of documentation, best practices, statistical information in its aftermath. As time has passed, we have realized the importance of gathering these digital records in one place. Sharing this information is our “Pay It Forward” legacy to anyone who wants to understand and learn from our experiences.

We would welcome your assistance in two areas as we build this site. If you have any materials that should be included, please contact us. We have a page that suggests some of the types of documents that would be useful. We also need your financial assistance to underwrite the development of the database and website. Please contact us at JoplinHopeCenter@mssu.edu.